By Car

Maweni is located between the villages of Magila and Shashui, about 2.5 km from the busy little market town of Soni, which is half-way between Mombo and Lushoto.

Driving time
Dar es Salaam – Maweni: 5-6 hours
Arusha – Maweni: 4 hours
Tanga – Maweni: 2 hours
Mombo – Maweni 25 min

From Mombo, take the winding tarmac road towards Lushoto (Google maps does not show this road for some reason). In Soni, leave the tarmac and take a sharp right-up between the shops and motorbikes. Pass a pond on your left,  keep the market to your right and after 2.5 km you reach Maweni.

Coordinates: -4.86278, 38.37722

By bus

There are several daily buses from Dar es Salaam to Lushoto and Bumbuli. All stop in Soni, which is half-way between Mombo and Lushoto. Call us for latest information about which buses to take. Sometimes we can book seats from our end.

The big highway buses between Dar es Salaam and Moshi/Arusha/Nairobi stop in Mombo from where we can pick you up, or you can take a daladala bus to Soni or a taxi directly to Maweni.  These buses, e.g. Dar Express and Modern Coast, are generally more comfortable and reliable than the local buses but they also cost a little more. Modern has a practical on-line booking service.

From Soni we can pick you up or you can take a motorbike or taxi 2.5km to Maweni.

Fly to Zanzibar

If you are coming from or heading to Zanzibar, Coastal Aviation operates daily flights from Tanga to Pemba and Zanzibar.