Hiking from Maweni to Vuga

Surrounded by mountains and escarpments, Vuga is the historic capital of the Sambaa kingdom where the legendary hunter Mbega settled and founded the Kilindi clan of rulers many generations ago. Today it remains a densely populated area, yet somewhat isolated and hidden away due to being hard to reach by car.

In collaboration with a newly formed village tourism committee in Vuga, we now organise 1-2 days hiking tours from Maweni to Vuga with local guides. You walk on beautiful, winding footpaths from Maweni across the Shashui valley with it’s terraced fields, up and around Kwa Mongo mountain; down into the sprawling village and the king’s court, and all the way to the point on the escarpment high above Mombo where, according to legend, convicts sentenced to death were thrown off the cliff.  With breathtaking views over the rest of Africa.